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Thursday's One Minute Warm Up

To get the blood pumping:

Saban was asked if he's worth his $11 million salary...

Grown men getting entirely too excited about cards...?

The quote of the day

RTB has made it on the Minnesota helmets

Hard pass

Drew Brees speaks to the next era of Purdue football before their season opener

The creators of Madden must really not like Pete Carroll to do him like this...

UCLA tweets that their game against Hawaii "Will not be a vacation." Rolo responds...

The best from yesterday:

How to fix the SEC’s scheduling problems, once and for all

This coach perfectly explains what it means to be all in

Auburn adds a fresh new layer to #ScholarshipAlert

Video: Mike Leach shares opinion on possibility of Bigfoot existing, and life on other planets

Colorado State was the victim of THREE controversial OFFENSIVE pass interference calls. Pac-12 sides with officials

Wednesday’s One Minute Warm Up