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Thursday's One Minute Warm Up

To get the blood pumping:

Wild horse attacks a gator

These championship rings were over 100 years in the making, so the Cubs went big. Fans can buy replica rings for $11,000.

John Daly, doing John Daly things

The quote of the day

As far as active users go, Facebook Messenger is still king

This is a disgrace to real sushi

The best from yesterday:

The Division III level will no longer be allowed to conduct two-a-day practices

Mike Gundy says he’s considered hiring an expert rules advisor to be with the team during games

Todd Berry explains the AFCA’s stance on the major issues ahead of monumental NCAA vote

This start-up program is already off to a great start

A great message for coaches battling to get kids in the weight room

Wednesday’s One Minute Warm Up