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Thursday's One Minute Warm Up

To get the blood pumping:

Justin Fuente will play in front of a bigger crowd at Bristol that he did in an entire season at Memphis. That's wild.

Offensive line guys know what this is all about

My fear of being late stemming from my college football days makes me do the same

YES! Perfect summary of Ed Reed's look

Jen Welter wrote a letter to her younger self in order to educate us all on her story. Good stuff

Coach Hatch still has it

The quote of the day

At first glance that may look like buckets of chicken...but look closer...

...about that new iPhone...Courage?

...are jean jackets making a comeback. If they are, I am blissfully unaware

The best from yesterday:

Inside Scoop – Thoughts on Kirk Ferentz’ extension

Art Briles: “I made mistakes. I did wrong.”

Bobby Petrino explains a few wrinkles to help Louisville prepare for Syracuse’s ultra-fast pace

Need some laughs? We’ve got you covered

“I told our guys that we’re going to find out during the season what you did in June, July and August.”

Shannon Dawson explains how he helped orchestrate a huge comeback, from an offensive coordinator’s perspective