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Thursday's One Minute Warm Up

Thursday's One Minute Warm Up

This dude was REALLY salty after getting beat out for a teaching and coaching job, so he mailed dead animals to house of the guy that beat him out, and called the police to accuse him of some really, really horrible things

This is apparently taunting in the NFL now, and subject to a fine of $9,000

The highest paid coach in the world gives a pep talk for a Heineken commercial

How to run the triangle offense per Metta World Peace

This is pretty awesome timing (turn your sound on)

That 2-0 start has coach Bono feeling nostalgic

This is pretty amazing

When an NBA center from overseas tries to throw a screen pass

Colorado is hoping to channel some magic by wearing the same uni combo they wore during the Hail Mary upset of Michigan in '94

Interesting take from an FCS coach...

The quote of the day

The best from yesterday:

5 yards from their first win, a Texas HS program decided to take a knee and remind us of an important life lesson

Video: Kirk Ferentz shows the legendary Hayden Fry around the Hawkeyes new facility

The NFL has launched a $100 million initiative to improve player health and safety at all levels

Parent fights football coach over son’s playing time

Two minutes of laughs – compliments of #BeastMode

UNLV’s new facility will scream LAS VEGAS

Pat Narduzzi, master motivator

ACC pulls championship game out of Charlotte

Arizona to honor military with U.S.S. Arizona-themed uniforms