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Thursday's One Minute Warm Up

To get the blood pumping:

Texas Tech men's basketball coaches are having some fun on the recruiting trail

This is so true...

Chris Petersen's team is 4-0, and this stat is wild

Watch the guards closely. I've never seen anything like this

10 routes. Who you going to put your money on?

Wade Phillips says he's going to write two books before he rides off into the sunset

Not punching it in from 2-yards out on 4th down is embarassing. Not being able to do it when the defense only has 10 guys on the field is demoralizing

The best from yesterday:

Why coaches have emerged as America’s true leaders on National Anthem protests

What Mack Rhoades is looking for in Baylor’s next coach

Urban is not a fan of an early signing period

The Big 12 has lost its ever-loving mind