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Thursday's One Minute Warm Up

To get the blood pumping:

That last sentence is a strange twist

The quote of the day

That's kind of funny

Few bracketologists guessed the exact score of the Northwestern vs. Michigan game last night

Good to see Rhett Lashlee in action at UConn

ONLY $67 million

Penn State's staff takes dodgeball VERY seriously (look at all those wristbands)

This is SO bad

The best from yesterday:

The MAC has finally reached full MACtion

Video: Ohio State give player some fresh LeBrons and then has some fun with a players dunk contest

It looks like Samantha Ponder is about to leave college football sidelines

Kliff Kingsbury has banned players from wearing the Double T logo inside the football facility

Study: Nearly 40% of young athletes don’t want their parents at games

Wednesday’s One Minute Warm Up