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Thursday's One Minute Warm Up

To get the blood pumping:

Ohio State's Pro Day swagger

This is a fascinating approach on the mound

There's officially nothing Chrisan McCaffrey can't do

When you're not cleared to run yet, but still want to bat, there's only one option

This may be old, but it's still pretty funny (and relevant with Gottleib wanting the Ok State head MBB gig

The quote of the day

Good note...

Gotta laugh at this

The best from yesterday:

Mike Gundy tells you how to hunt rattlesnakes

Roger Goodell details how the NFL is considering speeding up pace of games

Breaking down the new Mark Stoops contract at Kentucky

Video: “The greatest gift anyone can give you is their respect” and the transformation a year can have on a strength program

Video: Follow Adam Schefter through a day of NFL reporting

Temple’s innovative practice props include a giant face cut-out of HC Geoff Collins

Jim Harbaugh has a message for the “don’t pressure your kids to play sports” parents

Wednesday’s One Minute Warm Up