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Thursday's One Minute Warm Up

To get the blood pumping: 

- Your bit of wisdom for the day:

- Meet the first female full-time coach in NFL history:

- Michigan interim athletics director Jim Hackett is donating half his salary back to the university.

- Most of the 25 "best jobs" in America sound made up. Ever met a solutions architect?

- No. Just no.

The best from yesterday:

- Navy had its best season in 50 years while working and practicing less than ever. How and why they did it.

- Map: Where 4- and 5-star players come from.

- The Dallas Cowboys' new mega-complex proves NFL franchises aren't football teams that dabble in big business, but big businesses that dabble in football.

- On his way to his first in-home visit, an Arkansas assistant had a very funny wardrobe malfunction.