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Thursday's One Minute Warm Up

To get the blood pumping:

-Kirby Smart's home in Tuscaloosa is on the market for $775,000, and has all the pictures.


-Mr. Gronk had a bio written about him for the "Gronk Cruise"...and it's just as ridiculous as you'd expect

-Notre Dame sent more than just their coaches to this five-star recruit's house...they also sent the equipment truck. I hope the kid got dropped off to school in that, because that would be epic.

-This is so true for guys out recruiting, coming from SMU WRs coach Justin Stepp

-The quote of the day will hit a nerve the no huddle crowd, and defensive guys may be able to use it too (H/T Entrepreneur)


The best from yesterday:

-Virtual reality is the new frontier of how teams are studying film

-Why Michigan? Jim Harbaugh answers by quoting one of the best speeches in Presidential history

-Study shows that attitude is better predictor of success than IQ

-Michigan will select UConn's Warde Manuel as their new AD

-Wisconsin has their new defensive coordinator in former USC DC Justin Wilcox