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Thursday's One Minute Warm Up

To get the blood flowing:

- CBS Sports took an interesting look at how a handful of SEC and Big Ten coaches view advanced statistics. Head here to read the whole thing, but Saban's answer may be the best, especially those first two sentences.



- That reminds me, remember when Pat Fitzgerald proclaimed that "stats are for losers"? Now everyone is talking about how to use advanced stats for an edge.

- Washington State has made some pretty baller updates to their facility including an XL cold tub, game room and barber shop.

- Former Northwestern head coach Gary Barnett is getting his rightful place in the Northwestern Hall of Fame 

- How is this even possible? I can't even imagine...

- You couldn't pay me to click on this...but I can imagine it's not for the faint of heart.

What you may have missed:

- Ohio State tight ends / fullbacks coach Tim Hinton went through drills like he was taking part in the NFL combine.

- Florida announced the contract details for Jim McElwain and his staff.

- Todd Graham says that "80 percent of what we do as teachers should be inspiring".

- Penn State offensive line coach Herb Hand estimates that his job is 45% development, 40% recruiting, and 15% public relations. We wonder how that small college coaches and high school coaches would distribute their percentages.

- The finalists for the college division of the FootballScoop Video of the Year finalists have been announced.