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Thursday's One Minute Warm Up

To get your blood moving...

There's a strong chance this goes down as the high point of the Philadelphia Phillies' 2016 season.

We need more nicknames like this not just in college football, but society in general.

Some entertaining coach-on-coach wrestling action here. Texas defensive coordinator Vance Bedford continues to be a delight.

Today's ridiculous Steph Curry highlight.

Two requests: 1) Take 20 minutes to read this story. 2) Promise everyone you know you'll never go to Alaska alone.

The best from yesterday

Kirby Smart is getting help Saban-izing his program from Georgia lawmakers

Under Armour inks first department-wide Division II apparel contract

How many basketball coaches earn more than their football counterparts? (Hint: Not many.)

MLB to allow iPads in dugouts and bullpens