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The time a fan sent Scott Frost a pair of used underwear

The head football coach at Nebraska is a big job, even in an industry full of big jobs, and it became an even bigger job when Scott Frost took it. The last quarterback to lead the Cornhuskers to a national championship, whether he wants it or not Frost is now the Big Red Moses, the man in front of the crowd with a staff in hand, leading the lost back to the promised land.

And like a religious leader, those who come before him often bring gifts. Like a pair of used boxers.

"One of the things I wasn't expecting was all the stuff people send me. It's funny, in life when you don't have any money nobody gives you anything, and then in a role like this I get gifts sent to me," Frost said on Sirius XM.

"I got a pair of used boxers. The guy said, 'These were the boxer shorts I was wearing when you beat Missouri in '97 and I thought you would want to have them. He was wrong."

There are just so many questions, none of which I actually want answered. Who keeps the same pair of boxers for 20-plus years? Who knows what underwear they wore on an exact date 20-plus years ago? And who thinks someone else wants to keep their 20-year-old use underwear?

For those who don't remember, the '97 Nebraska-Missouri game was one of the best of the '90s. Trailing 38-31 with seven seconds left, Frost fired into the end zone and it initially looked like the pass would fall incomplete and the Huskers would lose, their national championship hopes dropping along with the ball, until fate intervened.

Nebraska won the game 45-38 in overtime, went on to split the national championship with Michigan and inspired one crazy fan to mail his undies to Frost two decades later.