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That time Miami's coaches crashed Florida State's clinic

Before you read the following, it's important to remember Miami is now an Adidas school. Got that? Now here we go.

Now, is any of this true?

FootballScoop spoke with a source who confirmed Miami held a social on the site of Florida State's clinic before the clinic was scheduled to begin. As for the rest... well, who really knows where truth ends and legend begins? The source reiterated the reality was more cordial and less confrontational than described above.

Is this bush league for Miami to do? Yes. Is it hilarious? Also yes. Just keep in mind that all's fair in love and college football rivalries.

The first installment of Willie Taggart vs. Manny Diaz goes down Nov. 2 in Tallahassee.

As always, stay tuned to The Scoop for the latest.