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Titans halted by positive COVID tests, concerns about upcoming game

Eight members of the Tennessee Titans organization have reportedly tested positive for COVID-19. Of these eight people, three are players and five are personnel.

The Titans' facilities are now shut down and are to remain shut down until Saturday.

The Titans released this statement: “Out of the abundance of caution, the organization has decided to work remotely today as we follow NFL protocols related to the Covid-19 virus. Several tests have come back positive & are working through the process of confirming them."

The Vikings, who played Tennessee this weekend, will also be shutting down in person activities immediately.

No decision has been made about Tennessee's Sunday game against Pittsburgh in Nashville, ESPN adds. However, if the team facilities are shut down to player and personnel until Saturday, one would think playing a game on Sunday would be a major stretch.

The league's contact tracing has reportedly identified 48 people who are considered "close contact" with the eight people who tested positive. The Vikings will not return to their facilities until all test results come back.

The NFL-NFLPA released this statement:


This is the NFL's first outbreak.

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Update >> The games featuring the Titans vs. Steelers and Texans vs. Vikings both remain on for Sunday, per report. Titans coaches have reportedly told their guys that if the only practice they have is a Saturday walkthrough before Sunday's game then that is what they are prepared to do.