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To make practices safer, Dartmouth paired with engineers to make a "Mobile Virtual Player"


In an effort to make practices safer, Dartmouth has partnered with the Thayer School of Engineering to develop a "Mobile Virtual Player," and the results look to be a possible game changer.

Play the video, and your level of intrigue will peak in a matter of seconds.

The idea here with the MVP is that the remote control dummy at practice will absorb some of the hits that would normally be dished out on players. The result is something that could easily make a huge impact for programs willing to step out of the box to utilize it, and will no doubt make practices safer.

Dartmouth released this video to illustrate a number of ways that the MVP could be used in practice. Use it to simulate a receiver for physical coverage drills, a linebacker scraping over the top for your offensive lineman to cut, a ball carrier to perfect your form tackling, or keep it a secret and roll it out towards the most old school member of your staff just to see his reaction.

The possibilities are literally endless.