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To the surprise of no one, Nick Saban doesn't text

The nationwide quarantine has hoisted an untold number of changes to the American way of life, some that won't become evident for years, others that are immediately obvious. Among the latter group: Nick Saban finally, in the year of our Lord 2020, finally opened his own email account.

Saban revealed that tidbit in an Instagram Live interview with ESPN's Maria Taylor earlier this month, telling Taylor that Miss Terry handled his digital communication until the quarantine made it overwhelming. "I'm not dealing with your stuff anymore," she told him.

But there are more layers to this onion. In an interview with Dan Patrick on Tuesday, Saban confirmed that while he has the capacity to receive emails and texts, not even God Himself can force Saban to actually respond. The quote circulating is that Saban has never sent a text; I'm not sure the transcript supports that assumption. Listen for yourself below.

Considering that we're probably not far away from a college football coach filing a worker's comp claim for carpal tunnel syndrome of the thumbs, it's a nonchalant reminder of Saban's power that he can simply opt out of the young person's primary form of communication and not pay a price for it.