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Todd Graham says he plans to coach "until they throw dirt on me"

Todd Graham finished 1st or 2nd in the Pac-12 South four of his six seasons in Tempe, but at the end of the day, administration and the decision makers felt like they deserved more and decided to move on.

While Graham will coach the Sun Devils in their bowl game, while he was at the podium today he was asked about his future in coaching, and after talking extensively about how grateful he was for the opportunity to lead the Arizona State program, he offered up the following:

"Until they throw dirt on me," is such an old-school coach response, regardless of how you feel about Todd Graham, you've almost got to respect that response as a die-hard coach.

Before leaving for Arizona State, Graham spent one season at Pitt, where he went 6-6. Prior to that he was at Tulsa for a total of four seasons and there he led the Golden Hurricane to double-digit win seasons in three of those years, including three bowl wins, going 36-17.

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