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Todd Graham's son becomes 14th Hawai'i player to enter portal

The program put out a statement addressing the glut of players looking to leave... and then the head coach's son joined them.

We know things are bad at Hawai'i because, on Wednesday, the program put out a pair of statements, from head coach Todd Graham and AD David Martin, addressing the alarming number of Rainbow Warriors looking to leave the islands.

And that was before the head coach's own son hopped in the transfer portal.

Michael Graham, a freshman defensive back, is the 14th different player to enter the portal so far this winter.

This news comes on the heels of a scathing SF Gate article which described the culture inside the program as "miserable." 

As one current player told SFGATE, “A lot of players want him fired, especially the starters.”

Another told SFGATE: “Me and a lot of others can truthfully say Graham has killed our love and passion for football.”

It goes on from there. From one player: “I would go as far to say it’s verbal abuse the way he talks to guys. … It’s personal. It’s not like, ‘Oh, you need to be faster.’ He’s calling guys useless, jackass and a sack of s—t.”

FootballScoop reached out to a program spokesman for comment on the article and our message was not returned. The program did not address the report, or the glut of players in the portal, until Graham and Martin's statements on Wednesday.

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It's hard to believe Graham would verbally abuse his own son to the point where he had to leave, the younger Graham assuredly has his own reasons for leaving. In fact, the program would likely tell you each departing player has his own reasons for entering the portal.

But at 14 players now with their hands up waiting for rides elsewhere, that's a lot of hands in the air no matter the reason.

As always, stay tuned to The Scoop for the latest.