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Toledo starts fall camp with no drinkable water, and their rivals at BG come to the rescue


Imagine starting camp, or two a days, with no access to clean water to drink or shower. Would your rivals come to the rescue?

That's exactly what happened down in Toledo after Governor John Kasich declared a state of emergency. Residents were told not to drink, boil, shower, or even brush their teeth with the water until further notice. Almost three days later, residents still haven't been given the green light to drink the water. (Monday AM update: The Toledo area water ban has been lifted)

The National Guard has trucked in countless shipments of giant vats of water, while stores completely sold out of bottled water (local reports have no bottled water within 50 miles), and some gas stations were price gouging the little water that they did have for $14.99 for a 12-pack.

In the midst of the chaos, the University of Toledo started their fall camp on Sunday, prepping for their home opener against New Hampshire later this month. No water presented quite the problem for the staff at Toledo, but the good folks (and rivals) down at Bowling Green helped come to the rescue, stripping their vans of the seats and packing them with as much water as possible.

When it was all said and done, the staff at Bowling Green transported about 500 gallons of clean drinking water 20 minutes up I-75 to their rival neighbors. Quite the class act.

"Rivalry aside, they needed something. They'd do the same for us." BGSU director of sports medicine Alfred Castillo told Sporting News.

Castillo and his colleagues have offered to make the 20 minute drive to transport clean water up to Toledo for as long as the Rockets need it.

Could you imagine being in the shoes of first year Toledo DFO Greg Brabenec? You've got everything ironed out in the days and weeks leading up to camp, and then as camp starts this bomb drops. We hear Greg has done an outstanding job adapting and finding food and water for the team. He's definitely earning some nods for the FootballScoop DFO of the year already.