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Tom Allen plans to "recreate everything" in order to build on special season

Tom Allen and Indiana were one of the best stories in college football last season, finishing the year 6-2 and ranked among the top 15 teams in the country in every major poll. They finished second in the Big Ten East, and just a few plays away from playing in the Big Ten title game.

The staff will look a bit different, as some programs came in to pluck some key Hoosier staffers this off season. Defensive coordinator Kane Wommack left to become the head coach at South Alabama and running backs coach Mike Hart for the same job at his alma mater.

The hires Allen has made to fill those roles have been solid, with Georgia defensive backs coach Charlton Warren stepping in fill the defensive coordinator role and Deland McCullough returning to campus for a second stint with the Hoosiers running backs after spending the past few seasons as the running backs coach for the Chiefs. This time around, McCullough has added the associate head coach title.

Going from the underdog to the team with a target on their backs, fully understanding their potential and knowing they have a lot of returners can also be a trap though, Allen shares with The Daily Hoosier.

“One thing I think people misunderstand from one season to the next is you just assume that just because we came close in the fourth quarter against Ohio State that it’s just, OK, we’re a year older, we’ve got a lot of guys coming back"

"You can’t fall into that trap. You have to recreate everything. You have to recreate your culture. You have to recreate the fire you have within you to be able to do the little things it takes. We have to work harder.”

Tearing things down to the studs and starting over might change the expectations for some folks, but Allen has a roadmap to move forward.

“Do I expect us to compete and go win a Big Ten championship? Absolutely I expect us to do that."

"I was asked that earlier when the season is over with. ‘What’s the next step?’ That to me is what we’re chasing after. To get to there is going to be a lot of hard work and a lot of guys doing the little things that we’ve not done before.”

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