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Tom Herman explains why he's the only person to run his Twitter account

By now it would be insultingly redundant to explain to you why every coach needs to have a Twitter account. Ninety-nine percent of you have already joined us on the Twittersphere and those of you who haven't probably never will.

At this point the conversation has turned into the best way to use the medium, a conversation which this site has (hopefully) contributed.

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One of the better coaches at using Twitter is Houston's Tom Herman. I wrote an article praising his program's celebration of a big commitment back before that became A Thing.

Why is Herman's account worth a follow? Because it speaks from one voice: His.

"A lot of head coaches have somebody that does (social media accounts) but I, as the leader of Coog Nation, I want to make sure everything that has my name on it has at least been authorized by me. I don't want to leave that to anyone else," Herman told the audience at the Angelo Football Clinic, via the San Angelo Standard-Times

Herman has said in the past he requires those working under him to have an active presence on Twitter, but it bears repeating now for those who haven't read his rationale before:

"It's free advertising and our target audience is 16- to 18-year-old males and they've got their nose stuck to their smart phone every waking minute. Anytime you have an opportunity to get the U of H logo, or information, or a graphic or anything like that in front of them, I don't see how you can't take advantage of that, due to the fact that it's free... It's nice for the fans, for the alumni, the supporters, the city of Houston. They get a sneak peek behind the curtain and it keeps them interested, keeps them engaged year round."

If you're reading this and have still managed to stay off Twitter: congratulations. Your will power should be mined and sold to the masses. To those of you who are on Twitter but not using it this way: why not?