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Tom Herman explains his strategy with preparing a new QB: "You don't cannonball into a hot tub"


Having quarterbacks step in and play at a very high level is something that Ohio State quarterbacks coach / offensive coordinator Tom Herman has done (arguably) better than any other coach in the country over the last few years.

It started with Kenny Guiton back in 2013, and then it was JT Barrett this season, and now we'll see what Cardale Jones can do in the B1G title game against Wisconsin's stingy defense. It will be Herman's fourth different quarterback in two seasons that he's had to prepare to start.

Asked about how he'll approach calling plays with Jones leading the offense, Herman answered with an interesting analogy.

"There is some cautiousness here because if you throw him into the fire too quick, he's liable to get burned."

"It's kind of like jumping in that hot tub though - you've just got to ease your way into that hot tub, knowing that it's really hot and you're going to be just fine - but you don't go cannonballing into a hot tub...I don't at least" Herman added.

Don't expect any "cannonball-type" play calls early on from Herman, he'll be easing Cardale Jones into things.