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Tom Herman lays out how he dealt with job rumors and the only situation he could see that would lead him to leave Houston


After Tom Herman put the finishing touches on a spectacular 13-1 first season as a head coach which led to not only the fielding of interest from a number of programs this past off season, but also a nice pay bump to $3 million annually as well as the addition of a grill, a few things were crystal clear: Tom Herman loves Houston, and Houston loves Tom Herman.

But as another season approaches with plenty of opportunities to Herman to further prove himself as a quality head coach, more and more high profile programs will surely come knocking on Herman's door. But Herman notes that something "ridiculously extraordinary" would have to come along in order for him to consider leaving what him and his staff are building in H-Town.

What would that type of situation look like? Herman laid out his thoughts on the matter on the The Solid Verbal podcast.

"It would have to be a situation where something went wrong here. Where maybe the administration, maybe, decreased the commitment level...or the resources we plan on having didn't show up. That would be ridiculously extraordinary, if some of the things in the works did not come to fruition, I just can't forsee that happening."

Herman also laid out how he dealt with the rumors of him being in the mix for other jobs when recruits asked.

"I just told them the truth. At that point I had been on the job for 11 months and told them I hadn't lied to them up to that point and I wasn't planning on it moving forward. Everything that I said we would do or get for them or if there would be a consequence for an action, we followed up on every single thing."

Hear more from Herman in The Solid Verbal podcast below.