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Tom Herman puts his money where his mouth is


We all know teachers that dip into their own paychecks to purchase supplies for their students and classroom. Heck, many of you probably are that teacher. New Houston head coach Tom Herman isn't a teacher per se, but he is donating his own money to support the cause.

Herman announced Wednesday he will match donations up to $25,000 to the 46ers, the fundraising arm of the Cougars' football program.

“The 46ers play a vital part in the sustained success and growth of our program,” Herman told boosters in a statement. “To compete at the highest level, a football program requires financial support beyond the annual budget, and we plan on competing with programs which, at this time, may have larger budgets than our current budget. With your assistance, we will even the playing ground.”

Herman signed a five-year contract in January paying him an average of $1.35 million a year over five years. A $25,000 donation for him is the rough equivalent of a teacher making $50,000 a year giving back $900 of his or her paycheck. Not an amount that's going to necessitate a second mortgage, but not an amount that's going to wander off unnoticed, either.

Good on Herman for putting his money where his mouth is, and good on the program for publicizing it.