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Tom Herman: "Our coaches get reprimanded if they're not tweeting enough"

Every week, often a few times per week, Monday Morning Quarterback rolls out some great stuff, often about coaches in the profession. Yesterday, Albert Breer published a piece where he sat down with Houston's Tom Herman, and the two talked about everything from the importance of social media, to recruiting, to NFL aspirations.

"I wanted to make sure that we stayed at the very forefront of that because, to me, it's free advertising - and where does our target audience spend their time? Doing this," Herman explained while making a scrolling motion.

How serious is Herman about him and his staff using social media to promote the program?

"It's gotten to the point where our coaches get reprimanded if they're not tweeting enough."

Yeah, that's pretty damn serious.

Asked if he has any interest in coaching at the NFL, Herman responded by saying, "Not right now. I love what I do right now and I love getting young men at this stage in their life and really being able to shape them into better husbands and fathers in four years because anyone can teach the cover 2 or the zone read.

"There are a million coaches out there that can teach that. There are. It's not that hard. So what seperates our program, and our coaches, and myself from the rest of the country is that connection with the player, and how much we love our players to the point that they're going to be better at what they do in life when we leave our program.

Head here to see the original piece on MMQB, including Herman's explanation on why it's harder to reach 16, 17, and 18 year old's than it was when he first started coaching.