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Tom Osborne and Phil Fulmer once went head-to-head over who was smarter: Scott Frost or Peyton Manning?

I have long been an vocal advocate of gathering a handful of coaches from all levels in a room for a few hours and just having guys openly share stories and then sharing some of those.

This tweet that has been making its way around social media is a prime example of the types of stories that would get shared that we're all missing out on.

Back in 1998, before the Orange Bowl pitting Phil Fulmer's Tennessee squad led by Peyton Manning against Tom Osborne's Nebraska team quarterbacked by Scott Frost, a really interesting, and funny, interaction took place at the press conference between the two iconic head coaches involving their legendary quarterbacks.

The story was dug up by AFCA's Alec Finch from the AFCA archives, and reads from the perspective of Tom Osborne:

We played in the 1998 Orange Bowl against Tennessee. About two nights before the game, a press conference was held with players and coaches from both schools. I was standing next to Phil Fulmer, head coach of Tennessee, and he started talking about his quarterback, Peyton Manning. Fulmer was telling me that Peyton was the brightest quarterback that he had ever coached. Apparently, I was not looking very impressed and so he called Peyton over to us and asked him, "Peyton, who is your father's brother's nephew?" Peyton thought for a moment and said "It's me." Fulmer turned to me and said "What did I tell you, the guy is brilliant."

"I didn't want to be out-done, so I told him that we had a pretty smart quarterback by the name of Scott Frost and I am sure he can get the answer very quickly. So I called Scott over and asked him, "Who is your father's brother's nephew?" Frost thought for a minute and said "Now that is a pretty tough question. I am going to need a little time on this one." So he wandered off and saw Frankie London, who was our backup quarterback, standing in a corner and he asked, "Frankie, I need some help. Who is your father's brother's nephew?" Frankie thought for a moment and said, "Well, that's me." So Scott came back over and said "Hey coach, I have the answer. It's Frankie London." I said, "Scott, you knothead, it's not Frankie London, It's Peyton Manning and now you get over there and tell Phillip Fulmer what the right answer is."

That one surely gets a solid laugh every time it is shared, and it's great to see it make it out of the archives with all the success each guy in the story has had since then.

Below is the original tweet from Finch.