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Nevada asks these 5 questions about prospects that they recruit, plus a few suggestions from other coaches


During the recruiting process, the goal is to ultimately find out as much as you can about a prospect, his athletic ability, his character, what motivates him, and ultimately whether or not they're a fit for your program.

To find that type of information out, coaches watch film, ask the prospect and those he comes in contact with at school and in the community a few questions. The specific questions being asked vary from staff to staff, and some of them even guard the questions they have with security that would rival Fort Knox.

Nevada pulled back the curtain and provided an interesting look at the top five questions that Brian Polian and his staff ask about prospects they pursue on the recruiting trail the other day.

Nevada lays out a great list with those five, but is there any that you and your staff have worth sharing with the rest of the coaching profession? Let me know @CoachSamz or via email at

Below we'll build off from Nevada's and share questions that other coaches suggest, starting with three from me.

6) What motivates him? (maybe it's a chip on his shoulder from being overlooked, or the fact that he didn't start last year)

7) Who does he lean on to make big decisions in his life? Mom? Dad? Uncle? Grandfather or grandmother? Girlfriend?

8) Why have they chosen to play football? (Hopefully the answer is the love of the game)