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Tosh Lupoi uses "dictator" and "confrontational" to describe the vision for his Oregon defense

Tosh Lupoi doesn't want the Ducks secondary walking any kind of fine line.

Dan Lanning filled out his Oregon staff with a handful of really impressive coaches, one of which was his defensive coordinator - Tosh Lupoi.

With stops at Cal, Washington, and Alabama, Lupoi established himself as one of college football's best recruiters before jumping to the NFL where he spent the past few seasons working with the Browns, Falcons and Jaguars.

The opportunity to step back into a defensive coordinator role at Oregon with Lanning brought Lupoi back to college football, and he shared a bit of his outlook on what the vision for the Ducks defense is.

"Confrontational" and "dictator" were two interesting words he chose to use to describe what he wants to build in Eugene.

When asked about his secondary "walking the fine line" between being being aggressive in press and giving some space to speedy receivers, Tosh shared they're actually not interested in walking that fine line at all.

"We probably don't walk that fine line. We want to be extremely aggressive and confrontational."

"We want to play press coverage and operate out of man-match and quarters and Rip / Liz match system in cover three and then compliment that with some zone and do our best to mix up things and offer disguises and pressures out of those looks as well."

"We want to be really aggressive. That's the system that I come from and that I believe in, and coach Lanning as well and we really want to be the dictator at the end of the day. So we are going to constantly challenge our players to embrace that."

Hear more from Lupoi in the clip.