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Photo tour of Michigan State's $24 million North End Zone project


Michigan State opened up their new $24 million North End Zone project last night for the public to see. The new facilities will house a recruiting area, a new area to meet with the media after games, as well as a new game day locker room.

Overall, the details in the new facility are quite impressive, and the Spartans will now have a great space specifically designed to entertain recruits. Everywhere you look there is an interesting graphic, and the branding of the Spartan logo is impossible to ignore, especially in the locker room where the carpet is almost entirely covered in the Spartan head.

While I can't wait to see this new addition in person, it should be even more of a game changer for recruits visiting East Lansing as it shows the administration's commitment to keep things pointed in the right direction for the Spartans.

See more pictures here.