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The trailer for Les Miles' latest movie is here

Les Miles is now the head coach at Kansas, as we know. But without his longtime friend Jeff Long getting the Kansas AD job, it's possible -- if not likely -- that the 65-year-old Miles never would have coached again. He certainly had to confront that possibility as the 2017 and 2018 seasons came and went without him.

And, as we know, Miles turned to acting. He made a cameo as an Oklahoma scout in the 2014 film When The Game Stands Tall, but nabbed his first role as a true thespian as "Uniformed Officer" in the 2017 film Camera Obscura.

He made his feature film debut late last year as Billy in The Last Whistle, a film -- starring Buddy Garrity from the Friday Night Lights TV series -- about a high school coach whose downfall comes when he puts winning over the safety of his players.

Now, we've got video of the Mad Hatter's next role, where he plays Nelson in the straight-to-iTunes movie The Challenger Disaster. As you can see in the trailer below, Miles has a supporting part, but it's a part nonetheless.

According to his IMDb profile, Miles has one more role in the works, as Malcolm Bea in the film Daisy and Smiling Jack. What's that about, you ask?

Daisy, a 39 year old, a good-natured librarian, desperately wants to have a baby. She meets Jack, the creative man of her dreams only to find out he does not want to have children.

IMDb says that film is in pre-production right now and, if that is indeed the case, it seems Les may be a bit pre-occupied by his new day job to appear in that one.