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Trailer: There's a documentary coming on A&M's move to the SEC

No matter how maroon your side of the fence, Texas A&M's move to the SEC was a major turning point in college sports history. The Aggies turned more than a century of history on its ear simply by moving conferences. For those of us who lived through, it was an absolutely fascinating (albeit maddening) time. Jealousy, threats, large sums of money, political intrigue, it had everything., a fan site affiliated with Texas A&M, has produced a documentary entitled "SEC Ready". The film will obviously take a look at those drama-filled days of 2010, 2011 and 2012 through an A&M-slanted angle, but it's still intriguing viewing for anyone in college sports. Whether you're at Washington State or Miami, Boston College or San Diego State, the events depicted in this documentary effected you. A&M moving to the SEC played a major role in a tectonic shift inside college sports, the size of which is still being felt today. 

Judging solely from the trailer, this appears to be the quality of an ESPN "30 for 30" documentary.

We can't embed the video, but we strongly encourage you to click over and see the trailer for yourself.