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Trailer: There's a Peyton Manning documentary coming to your TV on Sunday

I'm not sure what you have planned for your quarterbacks on Sunday night, but whatever it is: cancel it.

NFL Films has produced a documentary that follows Peyton Manning through the summer as he prepared for what would turn out to be an NFL record-breaking season with the Denver Broncos. (Why did it take three years to turn this film around? Great question. I have no idea.) From film sessions with David Cutcliffe -- Manning still refers to Cut as "sir" even though he's older now than Cutcliffe was when he recruited him to Tennessee -- to film sessions with Wes Welker to time coaching younger players at the Manning Passing Academy, the trailer chronicles the sheer amount of work Manning had to put in to get on the field.

And you know what? It all makes sense. Looking at him throwing routes in gym shorts, Manning looks like he's better suited to coach his child's soccer team than play in a professional football game. He doesn't look like a professional athlete, much less a dominant one, which makes the work he put in that offseason all the more important.

"The Timeline" airs on NBC this Sunday night at 7 p.m. Eastern.