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Treating throat cancer, Bill Snyder shares the 4 questions he reflected on to determine his coaching future

Just after announcing that he has throat cancer, while undergoing treatments, Bill Snyder announced calmed the waters at Kansas State by announcing that he plans to return to lead the program in the fall.

Those treatments have often left Snyder more fatigued than anything he's ever done in his life, so in making that decision, he shared with USA Today the four questions he asked himself about returning the game he has had a hand in since 1962.

Those four questions? “Is what I’m doing effective? Do I still have a positive influence on the lives of the young people in our program? Are they still responsive to me and what I deem important? And is it something that my family is on board with?”

Surely, Snyder wouldn't have committed to return if he couldn't check off each one of those. What he has accomplished in Manhattan is nothing short of incredible, and his status as a college football legend has been permanently tattooed in the pages of college football folklore.

Snyder also told USA Today that when time comes for him to step down, part of him would like to see his son Sean take over the program, but is also conflicted because being a major college head coach can be life-consuming, and beat you down quite a bit. Bill added that if Sean were to pursue the job that he would support him "150 percent".

Sean has been an assistant at Kansas State since 1994 and is a part of K-State's ring of honor from his time as a punter, where he was a Consensus All-Amercian, and Bill is more than confident that his son is capable of taking things over.

In fact, Sean pretty much runs the program right now.

"Sean virtually runs the program right now. He has served in so many capacities. He was the associate athletic director, he’s the associate head coach, special teams coordinator. … He served as director of operations for a long time. So he knows more than anybody on that campus, he knows Kansas State University football," Snyder explained

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