Tuesday's Five O'Clock Shadow

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The best from today...

This is what allowing Kenny Chesney on your campus does to your soul.

Steve Kerr, already an NBA champion and record-breaking head coach, was named the NBA's Coach of the Year today. But he was a legend on the bench long before he arrived in the Association.

We posted this elsewhere on the site today, but it deserves a repost here.

I don't know what the context to this tweet is, but I agree.

You'll want to get to West Texas this summer if you have the chance.

Rolls off the tongue, does it not?

In a year where the Clippers are matched up with the Warriors in the Western Conference Semifinals and Steph Curry happens to hurt his knee, causing him to miss the first week of the prospective series, Chris Paul breaks his hand and Blake Griffin will miss the rest of the playoffs with an injured quad. Clippers fans, here are some baby piglets to cheer you up.

In case you missed it...