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Tuesday's Five O'Clock Shadow

The best from today...

America, baby. Love it or leave it.

There's no way those words come back to bite him, is there?

If dude can handle 435 pounds this easily, can we get him to go for 450?

Ohio State OL commit Josh Myers (@joshmyers58) throws up 435 lbs. in the bench press 👀 💪💪💪 #GoBucks ⭕️

— B/R The Future (@BR_TheFuture) May 17, 2016

We generally try to avoid acknowledging Skip Bayless's existence, but this is too good to ignore.

An idea for your strength coach next time 110-mile an hour winds come to your town.

Well, okay then.

Fox will carry Big Ten games soon, and Spielman lost his partner to Monday Night Football. A sensible move all around.

This is more impressive than if he actually made the shot, right?

This lady has conviction. Or, had conviction.

In case you missed it...