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Tuesday's One Minute Warm Up

To get the blood pumping:

That's an 8th grader folks

Mark Dantonio's favorite karaoke song?

I really like this

All are terrible

This looks fun! How great would it be to see Mark Dantonio or Chris Petersen popping these on the sideline as they dial up a trick play? #MarketingGenius

Dabo does his best Stephen A Smith impression

Rolo and Fake Bryan Harsin both wanted to have some fun with the new conference coaches

The best from yesterday:

The NFL gave its teams state-of-the-art GPS data. Coaches had no idea what to do with it

A Letter to Coaches’ Kids

The Big Ten has modified their stance on scheduling FCS opponents

The indoor facility South Alabama is building has collapsed

Video: CFL team pulls off an onside-field goal trick play

Video: Mark Richt takes his annual backflip off the highdive

Monday’s One Minute Warm Up