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Tuesday's One Minute Warm Up

To get the blood pumping:

A streaker took the field at last night's game, and announcer Kevin Harlan turned it into a Hall of Fame worthy broadcasting moment

This is wild

If the Rams are one thing, it's consistent

The NCAA decided to pull 7 post season events out of North Carolina due to LGBT laws, and that sparked an interesting response to the NCGOP as well as from Duke AD Kevin White

Teams with the longest road win streaks. There's everyone else...and then there's Mount Union

Check out Ohio State's float tank to aid in recovery

The quote of the day

The best from yesterday

Coaches – This one is for your wife

Oh no, LSU is messing with their home uniforms

#Twitter12Pack of things no one expected to see this weekend

Urban Meyer just described coaching in one sentence

The Eagles are using Twitter in a way to serve their fans that other teams should copy

Jack Del Rio says you can stuff your analytics in a sack