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Tuesday's One Minute Warm Up

To get the blood pumping:

Tony Romo teaches his kids to play football

The worst flop of all time...without question (and a major reason I just can't get into soccer)

The 3 elements of effort


The quote of the day

Funny, and true

Michigan's graphics department having fun touting Rich Eisen's 40

How's that for unbalanced?

Great press conference moment from a while back of Jim Boheim standing up for one of his guys with the media

Bet you didn't know this...

The best from yesterday:

5 enemies of good players, great coaches and elite programs

One small example of a coach’s large influence

Tom Herman has two simple demands and one monumental goal for Texas during spring ball

Report: NFL rakes in $14 billion in revenue

Video: Ohio State had a Harley Davidson themed workout where players pummeled Michigan and MSU dummies

Check the charts: Which coaches are climbing their school’s all-time wins list?

Monday’s One Minute Warm Up