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Tuesday's One Minute Warm Up

To get the blood pumping: 

Seven years from now, Tom Brady will be 47 years old. Also, seven years from now, there will be players born after Brady's first Super Bowl win playing in the NFL.

A situation broke out at the Auburn-Florida softball game last night.

Really like what Oklahoma did here. I won't link to it because this is a family website, but if you watched True Detective (Season 1, obviously) this will remind you of a certain scene to close the fourth episode.

Salute to these homeowners.

Kaylee Hartung is leaving ESPN for CNN.

Who says players don't go to class?

Quote of the day

The best from Monday

Arizona is now allowing coaches to practice with their teams year-round

Why Frank Martin should be every aspiring football coach’s favorite basketball coach

Every FBS program has off season workouts and 15 spring practices, but Iowa State explains what they do differently