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Tulane debuts another version of the best "new" helmet of 2016

Last month, new Tulane athletics director Troy Dannen hit to Twitter to seek feedback on a new helmet decal the Green Wave were considering.

Dannen obviously felt strongly enough about the lid to make it his Twitter avatar, as he should. The colors, the old-school megaphone, the wave-fist-thing... perfection. (Update: Twitter user @ajrunner informs us this helmet is a photoshop. Our mistake.) Here's a sign Tulane is considering keeping the Angry Wave -- they've turned it into an alternate.

This version trades white for gray, a megaphone for a football and updates the look with a metallic green facemask. I may have gone with powder blue over white for the wave crests, but other than that this is another winner.

Please do the right thing, Tulane. Choose Angry Wave in 2016.