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Turns out Miami is suing Arkansas State, too

Arkansas State was supposed to host Miami on Sept. 9 of last year but, as we know, Hurricane Irma wrecked that plan. As the storm wrecked South Florida, Miami decided not to travel to Arkansas and allow its staff and players to prepare their homes and families instead.

And ever since, things have been messy between the two sides.

Arkansas State imposed a deadline of Feb. 15 to get a $650,000 the Red Wolves believes they were owed, as outlined in the contract as the buyout, or to move the scheduled 2017 game to 2020 or '21.

Miami countered, saying that the force majeure clause of the contract -- an act of God, basically -- allowed the 'Canes out of the game for free, and then offered to visit Jonesboro in 2024 or '25.

Arkansas State rejected those offers, digging up a quote Mark Richt gave a South Florida paper saying that Miami could have played the game if it absolutely had to do so, and argued that every other Florida team either played their Sept. 9 game as scheduled or paid the buyout.

Feb. 15 came and went and Miami sent no payment, so the Red Wolves sued. But it turns out Miami preemptively sued Arkansas State on Feb. 13, seeking decalatory relief from a Miami judge, essentially asking for Miami to be declared in the right and the case to be dismissed.

I'll stick with my prediction: At some point both sides agree it'd be better to cut bait and move on, as Miami pays Arkansas State an undisclosed settlement below $650,000 and the two sides never play again.