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The Twitter 12 Pack of things I didn't expect to see in Week 12


In this week's installment of the Twitter 12 pack; NFL game balls make fans act like madmen, Melvin Gordon ran wild, and Frank Beamer dances and then disappears.


1) This LSU fan has trouble controlling his temper...and dentures. (Language NSFW)

2) I really wish referees felt the need to explain themselves more often, like this guy

3) What's this move called that Frank Beamer seems to have down so well before disappearing into thin air?

4) Someone has WAY to much time on their hands not enjoying College GameDay.

5) The conspiracy theorists should be having some fun with the #17 and LSU's loss to Arkansas.

6) I really didn't expect to see Sumlin's sassy side make an appearance Saturday...

7) This is just crazy

8) I've always been of the belief that you make your own luck, but this was just wild.

9) God bless you college football

10) I'll never understand why game balls (in any sport) make grown men act like the scum of the earth

11) The Big Ten West food chain feeds itself in a vicious cycle

12) Melvin Gordon's 408 rushing yards in three quarters convinced me to use my (imaginary) Heisman vote on him. If those numbers don't impress you, these should. Shout out to the hogs paving the way up there in Madison.

Bonus: If you run an NFL team, how do you explain this?

Bonus #2: I certainly didn't see Oregon State knocking off Arizona State, so I was pleasantly surprised to see this sick work of art that deserves some more love.