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The Twitter 12 pack of things I didn't expect to see during conference championship week


This weekend may have been short on games, but it was not short on content worthy of the Twitter 12 pack.

1) You've got to love (or at least respect) the golf clap here when Saban and Alabama heard about their playoff spot.

2) This was mean...but kind of funny too

3) There was no shortage of humor floating around Twitter prior to the playoff selection

4) I think it's safe to say that everyone was pleasantly surprised with Ohio State's defensive performance against Wisconsin...even defensive coordinator Luke Fickell

5) What's wrong with this picture? The AC/DC TV must have been the one where they debated TCU and Baylor's resume...but everyone was so enthralled by that Big Ten title game.

6) Les Miles talked to Samantha Ponder's baby for 30 minutes prior to a game? Actually wait...that's not that surprising.

7) What if saving Cardale Jones was really the plan of Urban Meyer and Tom Herman all along? Evil genius'

8) I literally laughed out loud when I saw this one

9) Why have I not seen other bitter rivals do this?

10) I actually like this idea much more than the current format. The TV rankings probably disagree with me though.

11) Serious contender for "Understatement of the Year"

12) What was this ref thinking?

Bonus) This may be the most honest thing I said/tweeted all weekend prior to the selection show.