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The Twitter 12 pack of things I didn't expect to see in Week 10


Saturday Down South

The #Twitter12Pack is back this week, with some unexpected notes, tweets, and video clips from the NFL, as well as a steady dose of college football surprises.

As the season goes on, the nuggets seem to get more and more interesting.


1) How does this happen from and Andy Reid coached team in 2014?

2) I would have never guessed this stat, but Notre Dame better be on the lookout against a good Arizona State squad.

3) Dak Prescott > Tim Tebow / Johnny Maziel / Cam Newton through 7 games?

4) At first this seems somewhat impressive, but then you try to name Cleveland quarterbacks that have actually played in 8 straight games...

5) Quick, name the five FBS programs who have gone 14-3 or better over the past 17 games. I bet you had trouble naming one of them.

6) Houston's streak of forcing a turnover in 31 consecutive games came to an end over the weekend, but here's a nice little nugget on how they develop that mindset in practice.

7) This sign has two zingers in one sentence.

8) Good try? Good effort? Nope...

9) Hey's a good reason to not throw 30+ times a game.

10) The same team infamous for the Mark Sanchez "buttfumble" is now also known for a butt-touchdown.

11) Big time players make big plays in big games

12) I certainly didn't see the best hit of the weekend coming from a backup quarterback.

Bonus: You don't want Oklahoma or TCU running for 200+ against your team.