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The Twitter 12 pack of things I didn't expect to see in Week 11


This week's action was full of some absolutely bizarre events.

Of course, there was the Utah-Oregon snafu, a team rushed for 500 yards (and lost), and the list wouldn't be complete without a Les Miles nugget.

1) The Lions made Ryan Tannehill look like a cheesy Halloween prop last night. Hopefully he's alright.

2) From all accounts I've seen, the Michigan vs. Northwestern game may have been the ugliest / sloppiest Big Ten game most people have ever seen. It's only appropriate that it ended like this on a two point conversion attempt for the win with 3 seconds left

3) Well this is rare; New Mexico rushes for over 500 yards, has two guys go for over 150, and somehow manages to lose (60-49).

4) I know we're living in the era of offensive explosion, but this is crazy.

5) I can't explain why, but I really enjoyed this

6) This was a low blow...really low.

7) Give this man the Thorpe Award

8) This stat is crazy enough by itself, but consider this: only 2 offenses (UCLA - 5 and Washington State - 4) have long scrimmage plays of 80+ yards on the year.

9) Butch Jones rubbing shoulders with Lil Jon? WHAT? YEAH! OKAAAAY!

10) Les' craziness is starting to rub off on the fans...

11) You knew this was bound to happen after the now infamous dropped touchdown by Utah receiver Kaelin Clay that Oregon turned around and returned for six.

12) Who would have called this transformation five years ago?