The Twitter 12 pack for this week is both funny (as always), and a bit sad. You’ll catch my drift by #12.

1) Mike Evans completely dominating this DB got me all sorts of jacked up yesterday

2) It doesn’t get a whole lot worse than this

3) One individual has more picks than 100 of 128 FBS program? Wow…

4) This is both funny, and genius.

5) Just when you though Boise State had a trademark on the Statue of Liberty play, Fresno State shows you their (perhaps even better) version.

6) You’ll only get this one if you were a fan of the show True Detective…so if you don’t get it, spend a weekend plowing through the whole season. It’s worth it, trust me.

7) #TheFriedgenFactor

8) If you’re an Ole Miss fan, the only thing better than beating a top four Mississippi State team in the Egg Bowl is seeing Miss Mississippi throw up The Landshark

9) There were a number of surprises in the D-II playoffs and some incredible blowouts in the D-III playoffs over the weekend

10) Uhhhh…come again?

11) Jimbo Fisher entered some pretty elite company this weekend

12) This is BY FAR the saddest thing I’ve seen all weekend. #SayItAintSo

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