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The Twitter 12 pack of things I didn't expect to see in Week 6


With all the exciting upsets from Saturday, there were plenty of things I didn't expect to see this weekend. Beyond just the scores, here's what surprised me the most.

1) Marshall's strength of schedule may not be the greatest, but no one can deny that they're off to a great start.

2) I knew Arizona would be ranked after their impressive Thursday night showing against Oregon, but wouldn't have guessed they jump into the top 10.

3) If it hasn't happened already, a Pac-12 game is going to give someone a heart attack this year. The conference should be mandated to play a warning from the Surgeon General before each game.

4) Raise your hand if you saw this coming before the season started.

5) Losing the battle on fourth down has killed South Carolina in close games this year.

6) I doubt even the staunchest supports of Big Blue Nation saw this one coming.

7) How is this even possible?

8) That's the definition of a shootout.

9) I can't remember the last time this happened, but I'd be willing to guess it was also a Mike Leach coached team.

10) That's pretty good...

11) You know the whole conference realignment deal has gotten out of control when an ESPN reporter mistakes Michigan State for a Pac-10 school. C'mon...that conference name no longer exists!

12) Not a good sign for Alabama