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The Twitter 12 Pack of things I didn't expect to see Week 7


This weekend's action brought us fair share of surprises, helping me load up the #Twitter12Pack for Week 7 with plenty of things I didn't expect to see.


1) Less than 200 yards of penalties is surprising through six games, but when you consider each team's head coach it's no longer as surprising

2) The Pac-12 is full of road-dawgs.

3) Watching Lou Holtz ring a cowbell in Mark May's face never gets old. I'm not willing to admit how many times I've watched this.

4) The Clemson fan who made his way to a Louisville sideline huddle has been well circulated, but what about my theory as to who it may have been?

5) I'm not sure I've ever seen a stat as cut and dry as this.

6) This was, by far, the funniest thing I saw this weekend.

7) I knew Morningside was good offensively, but didn't realize they were this good.

8) Pointing this out immediately makes this weekend even more interesting.

9) I'm not sure what "OC Sports" even is...but after seeing this I have literally zero interest in finding out.

10) Up until this weekend, I thought this was something that you only did on video games to annoy your friends.

11) Now that's dominating

12) This win probability chart from the Baylor-TCU game is nuts. After TCU's pick six their win probability hit 98%...and we all know how that game ended.