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The Twitter 12 pack of things I didn't expect to see during Week 9


I enjoyed Week 9 of action from the comfort of Spartan Stadium in East Lansing, so while I didn't see a lot of games on TV, Twitter kept me somewhat in the loop so I could bring you the Twitter 12 pack for this weekend.

This seems like a good time to mention that it's 2014...shouldn't all FBS stadiums have Wifi so fans can share their experience at the game with social media?

With that off my chest, here's the #Twitter12Pack.

1) Sunday was a historic day for the NFL

2) The faction of Colts fans upset that they let Peyton Manning go in order to pick up Andrew Luck has to be getting smaller and smaller every week.

3) Forget allowing under 200 yards of total offense on Saturday against Michigan for the second straight year, and the -48 rushing yards the Spartan defense allowed against their rivals last season, this may be the most impressive stat of the Dantonio era.

4) Fans should be aware; Don't talk trash to Ole Miss athletic Director Ross Bjork on social media.

5) The last time Mount Union lost a regular season game, I was in college checking as religiously as most people check Facebook today. Saturday they won their 90th straight regular season game.

6) Granted, I only watched the last part of the Ohio State-Penn State game, but this reflective quality on the border of the Buckeyes' numbers is both really cool, and yet pointless. Once they're on the field, that effect vanishes...but it sure looks cool before they come out of the tunnel.

7) The LSU vs Ole Miss game was an exciting one. So exciting that one fan sadly passed away during the game, actually inside of the stadium. Hopefully the person was a big time LSU fan.

8) This stat is from a Michigan high school. You have to feel sorry for those kids.

9) Have you ever seen a face mask do this?

10) That's a strong first quarter in Lane Kiffin's return to Neyland.

11) This had to be the funniest tweet I saw all weekend.

12) Certainly didn't see this chant coming at the Kansas State vs. Texas game in Manhattan.

Bonus: It's always good to see a quarterback lay some wood on a rival.