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The Twitter 12 pack of things I didn't expect to see this weekend


It seems like this weekend's college and NFL action was full of nuggets that I (and many others) never expected to see. Here's a recap of all of them in one place, purely for your enjoyment.

Here's your Twitter 12 pack from the weekend. Enjoy the snazzy new name.

1) The "-kowski's" dominated the Pats - Raiders match-up.

2) Notre Dame and Texas A&M are the two remaining teams yet to allow a rushing touchdown this season. 

3) At one point during Sunday's action Cincinnati Bengals receiver Mohamed Sanu had just as many passing touchdowns as a few well known NFL quarterbacks.

4) I didn't think Arizona would; A) need, or B) would be capable of scoring 36 points in the fourth quarter.

5) Uh, what's that guy's title with the headset on?

6) I know Lane Kiffin is a bright offensive mind...but I don't know if anyone saw this one coming.

7) Mike Leach did what?

8) I've seen Michigan struggle firsthand, but this is nuts.

9) Indiana lost to Bowling Green in a shootout last weekend, then they go into their match up with Mizzou and dominate (ON DEFENSE!) from the start.

10) How is this even possible?

11) Philadelphia Eagles head coach Chip Kelly - Dual Threat?

12) A match-up made in heaven? Sorry, couldn't resist. I'll show myself out now.

Unrelated Bonus: How did I not notice this before?